18 April 2008

From the Lagoon

I’m staying this evening at an internet café in Kochi city. I have a booth large enough for my to stretch out in. It:s kind of like a traditional Japanese room but instead of tatami a soft vinyl mat that's nearly as good as a mattress. I have a computer, tv, and all the soft drinks and tea I can handle. There is a kitchen as well, but assuming the quality will be about like fast-food (or worse) I ate before I checked in. I paid 2500yen (about US$20.00) for 12 hours.

Those outside Japan may not know that is is a social phenomenon associated with these overnight packages at internet cafes (though not typically with henro).

My room for the evening


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lisa said...

I also spent a night in an internet cafe as a nojuku henro! It was very benri, though I did get a bit strung out on all the free caffeinated drinks.