18 April 2008

Although I’m spending the night at an internet café, I would like to get some sleep as I have more walking to do tomorrow. Today was a slow day, but my feet needed it. Yesterday I clocked 40km in wet boots and have two new blisters to show for it. Tomorrow I’m shooting for 30k.

I won’t go into the boring details of where these were taken because it wouldn’t mean much to most of you. Just a collection of some nice shots of the countryside that I’ve been passing through.

I took a bath in this river. The water was clear and cold and washed away the fatigue of a long day's walk. That night I stayed with another henro at an abandoned elementary school. We found an unlocked door and slept inside, me on the landing between the first and second floors. Here I am in the morning, just rising from my sleeping bag.

A couple of days later it was raining heavily and I turned into the nearest spot I could find, which was this combination henro rest stop and town bus stop. You can see my stuff spread out. I was trying to get it a little drier, but it didn’t help much.

And here’s Kobo Daishi looking out to sea. He practiced mediation here in caves along the rocky coast and it is said that it was at this point that he changed his name to Kukai, which means literally “sky sea.”

Many years later he is said to have come back to the same spot and founded this temple.

That's all for now.

For those keeping track, I'll be staring my morning tomorrow at Temple #31 and hope to finish at #35, then on to #36 on Sunday, arriving at #37 Monday, followed by a 80km two day walk to #38.

Om namu Daishi henjo kongo!


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