07 April 2008

Day 0: Inventory

Besides what I'm wearing, I'm leaving this morning with one 50-liter capacity backpack and one large waist-pouch carrying the following:

1 long-sleeve undershirt
1 long-sleeve shirt
1 pair convertible hiking pants
1 pair long underwear
2 pair underwear
2 pair socks
2 pair padded hiking socks
1 rain suit
1 sleeping bag
1 lightweight foam sleeping mat
1 mosquito net
1 inflatable pillow
1 bag of toletries (soap, toothbrush/paste, nail clippers, aspirin, band aids)
1 guide book
1 book on Kobo Daishi
1 journal
1 camera
1 pocket-size, bendable wire tripod
1 pocketknife
4 strap-on reflector strips (for night or tunnel walking)
1 pair chopsticks
1 fude pen
1 ballpoint pen
1 pencil
1 hard shell tupperware box (for carrying fruit, cookies, etc)
1 flashlight
1 mp3 player (loaded with 3 gigs of Dharma lectures; no music on this trip)
1 towel
1 large cotton scarf
1 small bag of uncooked rice (for offerings to the Nio)

We don't have a scale at home so I've no idea what this weighs. Maybe I can find a scale at one of the stations today.

Lots of rain this morning, which I suppose is not so bad. I'll be riding trains most of the day so I don't expect to be getting very wet . The forecast calls for the rain to be finished by tomorrow, just in time for me to start walking.



Anonymous said...

Good luck on your journey Cuz...I hope it is a great one for you!

Just curious where you will be staying on your journey as I saw the sleeping bag and mat, but no tent listed in your supplies.

Hope that you stay healthy, happy and relatively dry~!


Jeff said...

Tent's too heavy and not really necessary as I should be able to stay most nights in simple temple lodging or rest houses along the hiking route. I can even sleep under the stars - once it stops raining!