20 May 2008

Free English language films on the pilgrimage

While finishing up my henro blog entries, I ran across a small English language henro site that not only contains some useful background information, but also links to free downloads of two English language films no longer widely available. Both are 30 minutes in length and cover topics that complement one another.

Between Two Worlds

This 1992 film includes a number of interviews with pilgrims who discuss their motivation and experiences. Not too much seems to have changed in the last 15 years, except for clothing, hair and automotive design.

Download - 239.9 MB

Pilgrimage to the 88 Temples of Shikoku Island

Written, narrated, and directed by renowned Japan scholar Oliver Statler, this 1973 film looks like it might have been filmed at the turn of the century, though the high contrast and lack of color may simply be the effects of aging. The focus here is more on the ritual of the pilgrimage, showing what pilgrims do when they visit temples.

Download - 231.1 MB


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