01 May 2008

Day 24: Filling up

My left leg has shown steady improvement and I was able to walk all day for the past two days, perhaps 50km in total.

Just ahead, though, is a temple on a 700 meter mountain, which I'm going to try to tackle tomorrow. To give my leg a rest and prepare for what is going to be a 5-hour walk up and then back down the mountain, I did a bit of hitchhiking today.

A young fellow in a white van asked if I was in a hurry. He was going in my direction but was making deliveries (of medical supplies) and so would have to stop at a few hospitals along the way.

No problem, I said, and off we went.

Just in front of the Towel Museum, though, the van came to a stop with the fuel meter on E. Fortunately, there was a gas station not too far away willing to make a delivery, and after a 15 minute wait we were again mobile.

The driver, Yuu, was flustered and frustrated. But I told him this was a fantastic story to tell to his buddies, about the day he picked up a gaijin henro and ran out of gas in front of the towel museum.

Just like I'm telling you now.


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Elizabeth Phelps said...

Jeff, I'm so excited to see your new blog! What an amazing and inspiring pilgrimage you are on! I hope your leg continues to heal. I send you warmest wishes for your walk tomorrow. Good luck with the mountain! Love, Lizzie