20 April 2009

Movie Review: Lopen met Kukai (Walking with Kukai), 2009; Pat van Boeckel, dir

The Dutch Boddhistiche Omroep Stichtung (Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation) has a new 30-minute film available for viewing at its website here.

Director Pat van Boeckel hits the henro trail and let's aruki henro explain their motivation for walking the pilgrimage, including a middle-aged man with an ailing wife, a young woman taking time off work to make a career decision, and a Canadian trying to find his way in Japanese society. The film features some splendid camera work that would look so much better on a bigger screen. At present the film appears to be available only in this reduced size; in Japanese with Dutch subtitles.

Thanks to Kirt at E-Sangha for bringing this film to my attention.